Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Oh Brisbane. You’re growing up! We're so proud.

No longer are you infested with cargo-short-sporting cretins from the ‘burbs. No no no! A gentle stroll along Brunswick Street will reveal people with honest-to-god style . People who don’t let 30+ degree heat deter them from rocking impractical but divine ensembles.

And we think it’s about time the rest of the world realises that.

So in an attempt to give Brisbane style the web presence it so greatly deserves Maddy, Rachel and Matt came up with i like your hat - a blog to celebrate the savviest street fashion this city has to offer.

We tend to frequent the Valley, City, Kelvin Grove Urban Village, West End and Paddington, but if you’ve got the inside tip on where the cool people are, drop us a line and we’ll be there. Ditto if you know of any events or goings on around town that will attract the fashion set, then get your email on and let us know.

And finally, if you see us around town with our bulky SLRs, come say hi, get a picture and spread the word.